How to Get Rid of a Hickey

rid of a hickey

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

No more hiccups if you know How to Get Rid of a Hickey. Any usual appearance on our face is least welcomed by anyone of us, let alone a pimple or a zit.

Irrespective of the age group one belongs to, the face symbolizes one’s identity, beauty, personality and impression.

What is a Hickey,  Hickeys or Hickies ?

Unlike other natural skin problems, a hickey can also mean a different equation altogether. So, what makes a hickey what it is? In plain terms, the sensitivity of the skin leaves behind tell tale signs of passionate lip locks of the preceding romantic moments. But, if you have a business meeting to attend to the next morning, you may be looking at curious faces, inquisitive stares, and we-know-what-you-did smirks and so on the following day.

Fine the foreplay and rough sex session was pleasurable but now I have to go to work and I have this ridiculous red mark on my neck.. Help?

A hickey typically occurs as a mild inflammation, bruise and skin redness which usually takes about a few days to fade away. In other words, it heals naturally without causing any skin scarring or may induce mild physical pain, but the main trouble arises on the question of How to Remove a Hickey Fast or How Long Does a Hickey Last.

How To Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

  • Cold compress – One of the oldest secrets known to mankind. Immediately apply cold compress on the desired area and leave it on  for about 20 minutes. This may sound absurd because of the unwanted interruption it may cause, but the trick is worth the try. So use Ice thrice if you want to get rid of a Hickey.
  • Wet and warm compress— For those stubborn hickey which lingers for more than a day, the best option is to apply wet and warm compresses in order to decrease any pain or swelling. Following this practice ensures blood from spreading around the bruise. On this apply warm heat to dilate the blood vessels and speed up the process of blood cells being swept away. You may find it surprisingly, but moist heat acts effectively than dry heat.
  • If all the above methods sound tedious to you, we still have the simplest to offer. The Concealer! You heard me! Using natural skin color concealer works wonder of hickey, it camouflages the redness and blends along with the natural skin tone.
  • Even better are the turtle neck sweaters and scarves! These are the best solutions to the question of how to get rid of a hickey fast. Put it on or wrapped around your neck and you are all set
  • Massage with your comb or a hairbrush to the infected area.
  • Using Lipstick caps, pen caps, and Blistex caps, Chapstick, frozen cold spoon, you can also remove a hickey by rubbing a coin on the infected area.
  • You can also apply a warm, moist, used tea-bag as a hot compress. Repeatedly re-wet and re-warm it as needed until the hickey disappears.
  • After you get the Hickey, use can also rub a toothbrush with mint toothpaste. You should see the hickey disappear and not so bright.

So, the question of how long a hickey last depends upon person to person although in most cases they stay on for a couple of days.

how long does a hickey last
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  1. Sydney T says:

    This was really helpful because my boyfriend and I love giving each other hickeys after sexual intercourse and these methods really help when we need to go to work.

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