How to Get Rid of a Vaginal Yeast Infection – Rid of Candida Vaginitis


Vaginal Yeast Infection

The need of the hour is not to shy away from regular gynaecological health check-up because by neglecting it you may be doing more harm than you can imagine. With the plethora of cancerous gynaecological diseases flaring up by the day, taking a chance on any complaint may place you at a greater risk later. Ask any female respondent and the most commonly occurring gynae disorder unanimously is vaginal yeast infection.

Causes of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Yeast, also scientifically referred to as Candida, is a fungus that causes Vaginitis or the inflammation of the vagina. Although this infection is popularly known to affect women at large, however some men and children also develop itchiness and painful infection of this nature.

Symptoms of Candida Vaginitis

Inflammation of vagina, curdled and white vaginal discharge, itchiness, painful or burning urination and irritation of the genital are some of the common symptoms caused by Candida vaginal infection. Generally, the condition may persist for few days and/or even become worse where it last for weeks. The most viable option is to get rid of Candida at the earliest before any complication sets in.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Cure

  • Sexual abstinence- Engaging in further sexual activities or intercourse aggravates irritation and the condition. Unless the itchiness subsides, refrain from sexual intercourse since opposite sexual partner often transmits the infection.
  • Use condoms - Condoms are the safest solution to prevent sexually transmission diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Always insist on condom use and lead a healthy sex life. But, if the latex rubber, lubricants or powder coating is triggering allergic reactions like itchiness you may like dissuade from further use of condoms.
  • Sitz Bath- Among home remedies, sitz bath has been found to be effective in curbing the menace unleashed by Candida. In this preventive method, all you need to do is soak the hips and the buttocks in a tub filled with warm water and salt. Sit in for the 10-15 minutes; continue doing this for 3 consecutive nights.
  • Yogurt, garlic and cranberry have proved to be efficient in controlling the spread of yeasts and in increasing the pH level of the vagina.
  • Reduce intake of sugar because high sugar level favours the multiplication of yeasts in the vagina.

If all treatment method fails, do not hesitate to visit the nearest doctor at the soonest. There are various anti-biotic and medications to treat vaginal yeast infection.

If you are determined to liberate yourself from distressful itches, irritations and swellings around the vaginal areas, it is high time you are aware what you are dealing with and how to get rid of a vaginal yeast infection.


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