How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home Naturally

get rid of flea

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Most pet lovers are often at the receiving ends of intrusive activities of fleas in their lives.

Irrespective of the damage they create in human lives, they exist in every corner of the globe along with our loved pets.

How to get rid of fleas is the prime concern that has permeated the minds its human victims.

Interestingly, the adult fleas are known to feed on the living blood of mammals while their younger versions thrive on dried blood defecated by the adults. So, before unleashing combative measures, it is highly recommended that pet owners learn about the habitat of these creatures. The few tips listed below may come real handy in getting rid of dogs, cats, carpets, humans, people etc.

Flea manifestation in carpets, rugs and beddings

Free the environment of fleas – Unlike fleas that live on the host, eggs live on the host and the host bedding. In other words, the eggs on the host fall off and accumulate on the bed. While the eggs normally hatches in 1-2 weeks, the fleas in the form of larvae live on the bedding for the next 200 days until they transform into legless pupae.

The worse news is that these in turn may remain dormant for a year only to surface as the situation favours. This is the simplest equation behind how fleas manifest recur, destroying the peace of a homely life.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home Naturally

  • First of all, quarantine all the infected pets in the house.
  • Secondly, gather all the beddings, rugs and throws, and then wash them in soap solutions. Soap kills the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. In the process, ensure that not to spill eggs or larvae when picking up. Because these larvae thrive on the dried blood defecated by adult, so it is best to understand how it all works.
  • Use a strong vacuum to remove dirt, dust and dander lodged in the corners of sofa, upholstered furniture, carpets, floor cracks and bare floors. Carry out a regular cleaning routine effectively controls to a large extent.

Flea manifestation on humans and pets

Irrespective of the damage it creates in human lives, they exist in every corner of the globe along with our loved pets. Therefore, it is quite common to hear complaints people looking out for ways to get rid of fleas on human and dogs.

Some of the measures to get rid of fleas naturally include—

  • Taking bath twice a day with insecticidal soap or ordinary soap is one the most effective means of curbing the menace of flea manifestation on humans or people. In addition, combing hair regularly help to drag out fleas hidden on the scalp. One can also get temporarily shield from fleas by wearing special pair of flannel “booties” over shoes and pants when entering into areas affected by fleas.

Effective steps on how to get rid of fleas from pets such as dogs and cats

Use only those treatments suitable on pets since most of the anti-flea chemicals are harmful for pets like dogs and cats. Make sure you bathe your pet regularly and comb them using appropriately toothed combs.

Owing to its multiplicity and easy invisibility to human eyes, these horrendous creatures often create havoc in our lives.

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