How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Naturally and Fast

fruit flies

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

A fly sitting on your platter is a good enough reason to lose your appetite, and also an unhealthy one at that. How they do it? They contaminate food with harmful bacteria that are attached to their hairy appendages. After all, everyone knows where flies breed and the rotten things they thrive on.

Flies are difficult to catch and swat with bare hands, but no one wants them to intrude in our living areas especially on our foods. Have you been wondering how to get rid of fruit flies lately?Read on for the answer in store for you.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast

1. The first step to get rid of fruit flies in house is to keep all edible goods well covered. This not only prevents flies from contaminating the foods, but also avoids attracting them.

2. Refrain from storing uncovered food   items in the cabinets or shelves for days.

3. Damp and moist places are favorably to flies breeding, therefore lookout for least accessed corners and  damp spots.

4. In a house, the kitchen is the most active section for food processing, hence leftover foods and cooking remnants lodged in edges and corners of sink attract insects and flies. Keeping the cooking area sparkling is a good means to get rid of fruit flies in kitchen.

5. Ensure that the carpets and furniture is free of moisture and dampness. To test this, you may want to walk barefoot on the floor to check for any wet area.

6. One of the most important means to get rid of fruit flies naturally is to cover trash bin with lids, and avoid overflowing trash bins with rotten food items for a long time.

7. Keep refrigerators, dishwashers and other cooking appliances free of any grime or food particles.

8. Check the cabinets and closets regularly for any sign of creeks because they serve as good breeding grounds for flies and other insects. Damp and rotten wood works in the house are ideal for flies to build up.

In case your home is infested with flies, they are bound to create havoc and nuisance in your peaceful living premise. Try out the tips mentioned to curb the problems of flies in the house—

Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Vinegar

Fill a jar or a small bowl with a cup of apple cider vinegar and place it near the spot worst infested with flies. In the jar, add a few drops dish soap to give the lethal edge to the process. The vinegar smell attracts the flies and ultimately leads them to the trap.

Ammonia-based cleaners

Sinks are one of the main areas of attraction for fruit flies, so try to fill the sink partially with ammonia-based cleaners and allow it to trickle down the drain.

Fly Zapper and Fly traps

Fly Zappers are the most preferred device for killing flies in the house, shops, public places and so on. The light emitted from the Fly Zapper attracts the flies resulting into their immediate killing.

Despite the fact that flies are despicable they co-exist with humans and other living beings, thus the best answers lie in steering clear of them from our living areas.

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