Get Rid of Gnats Without Swats

Our endless attempts to completely keep off pests from our surroundings often prove futile. These intruders could range from small insects to bigger animals. But today, we will focus on one of the most commonly found insects in our kitchen areas, house drains and uncovered trash cans—gnats. While food left in the open and trails of food stains on the dining table attract these hovering small insects, uncovered garbage bins are the favourite spots for their lingering and breeding. How to get rid of gnats can be answered without a swat.

Before we proceed to the different ways on how to get rid of gnats in the house, knowing the two widely seen varieties namely— fruit flies and fungus gnats or vinegar gnats— will be an added advantage. Of course, getting rid of gnats in your kitchen not only can be an irritating but also a tedious affair.  Read the instructions given on how to get rid of gnats in your home

  • Get down to some action around every nook and corner of your home. Clear up the living areas and locate the source. Ensure these areas are sprayed with disinfectants that contain bleach and the places wiped dry.
  • Dispose garbage bins regularly and keep them covered at all times. Because food particles are the main point of attraction for gnats make sure that your kitchen sink, drains and other disposal outlets are thoroughly clear and clean. Simply pour a cup of ammonia into the sink drains and disposal outlets to eliminate gnats infested in these areas.
  • One of the easiest ways to get rid of gnats naturally is to prepare a solution by mixing equal amount of apple cider vinegar and dish detergent. Pour small portions of the solution in cups or bowls and keep them near the source of the gnats.
  • Eventhough gnats are essentially harmless to mankind but they could cause a host of health problems.  These small flies feed on rotten foods and thrive on moist environment. Ironically, gnats are believed to be fond of vinegar which is why it is one of the most widely used items in hundreds of kitchens.
  •  Gnat infestation can be controlled in multiple ways with simple means. One such effective measure on how to get rid of gnat outside/outdoors is to spray alcohol mixed with water in infested outdoor/outside premises.
  • The list of home remedies can go on and on. If you find using alcohol for good riddance of gnats to be expensive then perhaps, you should try out vinegar and baking soda mix for your drains and sinks. However, for effective results do not wash away the solution immediately.

Irrespective of your time and effort on the methods to eliminate gnats, without a clean kitchen it is practically impossible to keep away gnats from invading your living space.  So, keep your surroundings clean!

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